Woody and dutch on the slow train to Peking - Rickie Lee Jones, David Kalish

    Dutch took 'em on the slow train to Peking on La Brea Avenue
    To find the Stax and Sun
    They were reaching to get to
    They was a rapping the flat scat
    Diamond dialectos of points and taps
    Between the chicken and the back
    They drew themselves a be-bop
    Midnight map
    They said "do you got a map the next joint?"
    "Do you got a map the next joint?"

    Pick it up on the night train
    Down on the corner of rhythm and blues
    Where I have met all of my boys since
    Back in '52
    Bringing 'em Stax and Sun
    Cuz I think that Cleveland forgot
    And Memphis forgot
    Where they were coming from
    Do ya like it? Do ya like it like that?
    Do you like rapping the fat scat?

    Woody and Dutch dance in the cell of fourteen
    Like a pill they do it all night
    White-walls, find and greased back
    Every Saturday night
    Leaning in the scenery
    Picking up the kids
    At the next door neighbors'
    "Yeah I know what you did
    Yeah I got a room you can stay in
    If you promise you won't make so much noise"
    "No I won't"
    "No I don't!"


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words