The Main Attraction - Dirk Hamilton

    Crackerjacks take me back
    to the time I sat suspended on a screen
    I's comin' unglued my body moved
    but under the gun of the man who shot the scene
    now everything is better 'cuz now I am the director
    So give me light, give me more light,
    I need more light
    I'm the Main Attraction
    Wrapped up in a new cocoon yesterday
    your smile triggered my memory
    but your eyes were glazed
    It's a cold cruel world cowardly me have made
    and I'll come to the rescue but ya' gotta give me somethin' to save
    'Cuz they're waitin' for you at the cannery
    With your fear and your feelings of inadequacy
    So let's go tippy toe deep down into dream
    And demand satisfaction
    Tolerate no distractions
    You're the Main Attraction
    We need more light, more light
    We need more light
    We're the Main Attraction
    Ya' gotta come on

    All songs ©1979 by Rabbit Songs BMI


    Marco Giunco
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