Ridin' on a Whale - Dirk Hamilton

    Sometimes I get to feelin' like a little cricket
    Clickin' in the thickets by the ant-hill city road
    Sometimes it get ta bein' a bit a sticky wicket
    Like bein' the only witness seein' lightnin' strike a toad

    I'm Ridin' On a Whale
    In the midday sun
    Ridin' On a Whale
    Good for everyone
    Ridin' On a Whale
    You can steer him away from the sharp harpoon

    People runnin' 'round and holdin' plugs up
    Lookin' for a socket in the pocket of some lord
    Stick 'em where the moon don't shine then shut up
    Now stop and think about it man you're warmer than before


    Out on the city street
    The birdies tweet tweet tweet tweet tweet
    Bouncin' on my feet
    Havin' a french fry feed feed feed
    Little squirrels with hats and canes
    Dancin' down the lane
    Just like a vaudeville show
    They're shufflin' off to Buffalo

    I hope I'll be around to see when evolution
    Churns these spinnin' colors to a warm and gracious glow
    'Til that time I'll stick inside the institution
    And stuff my rhymes in magna-cans and hide them in the snow


    All songs ©1976 by Rabbit Songs BMI


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words