Stuck Inside of Mobile with the Memphis Blues Again - Bob Dylan
    Oh the ragman draws circles

    Up and down the block.
    I'd ask him what the matter was
    But I know that he don't talk.
    And the ladies treat me kindly
    And furnish me with tape
    But deep inside my heart
    I know I can't escape
    Oh Mama, can this really be the end
    To be stuck inside of Mobile
    with the Memphis blues again

    Well, Shakespeare, he's in the alley
    With his pointed shoes and his bells.
    Speaking to a french girl,
    Who says she knows me well.
    And I would send a message
    To find out if she's talked,
    Post the post office has been stolen
    And the mail box is locked.

    Mona tried to tell me
    To stay far away from the train line.
    She said that all the railroad men
    Drink your blood like wine.
    An' I said "Oh, I didn't know that
    But then again there's only one I've met
    An' he just smoked my eyelids
    An' punched my cigarette"

    Grandpa died last week
    And now he's buried in the rock
    But everybody talk about
    How badly they were shocked.
    But me I expected it to happen
    I knew he'd lost control
    When he built a fire on main street
    And shot it full of holes.

    Now the senator can down here
    Showing everyone his gun.
    Handing out free tickets
    To the wedding of his son.
    An' me I nearly got busted
    An wouldn't it be my luck
    To get caught without a ticket
    And be discovered beneath a truck

    Now the tea preacher looked so baffled
    When I asked him why he dressed
    With twenty pounds of headlines
    Stapled to his chest
    But he cursed when I proved to him
    Then I whispered not even you can hide.
    You see you're just like me
    I hope your satisfied

    Now the rainman gave me two cures
    Then he said "Jump right in"
    The one was Texas medicine
    The other railroad gin.
    An like a fool I mixed them
    An' it strangled up my mind
    An' now people just get uglier
    An' I have no sense of time.

    When Ruthie says come see her
    In her honkey-yonk lagoon,
    Where I can watch her waltz for free
    'Neath her Panamanian moon.
    An' I say, "Aw come on now
    You know you know about my dedutante."
    An' she says, "Your debutante knows just what you need
    But I know what you want."

    Now the bricks lay on Grand Street
    Where the neon madmen climb
    They all fall there so perfectly.
    It all seems so well timed.
    An' here I sit so patiently
    Waiting to find out what price
    You have to pay to get out of
    Going through all these things twice


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words