If Dogs Run Free - Bob Dylan
    If dogs run free, why not we
    Across this swoopin' plain?
    My ears hear a symphony
    Two mules, trains an' the wind
    The best is always yet to come
    That's what they explain to me
    Just do your thing
    You'll be king
    If dogs run free.

    If dogs run free, why not me
    Across the swamp of time
    My mind weaves a symphony
    An' tapestry of rhyme
    Oh winds which rush my tale to thee
    So it may flow an' be
    To each his own
    It's all unknown
    If dogs run free.

    If dogs run free then what must be
    Must be an' that is all
    True love can make a blade of grass
    Stand up straight an' tall
    In harmony with the cosmic sea
    True love needs no company
    It can cure the soul
    It can make it whole
    If dogs run free.


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words