Bob Dylan's Blues - Bob Dylan

    Unlike most of the songs nowadays that are being written uptown in Tin Pan Alley
    That's  where most of the folk songs come from nowadays
    This, this is a song, this wasn't written up there
    this was written somewhere down in the United States

    Well, the Lone Ranger and Tonto, they're riding down the line
    Fixin' everybody's troubles, everybody's 'cept mine
    Someone must have told 'em that I was doin' fine

    All you five and ten cent women, with nothing in your heads
    I got a real gal I'm a lovin', lord I'll love her 'til I'm dead
    Go away from my door and my window too right now

    Lord, I ain't goin' down to no racetrack to see no sports car run
    I don't have no sports car and I don't even care to have one
    I can walk anytime around the block

    Well, the wind keeps a blowin' me up and down the street
    With my hat in my hands and my boots on my feet
    Watch out so you don't step on me

    Well look at here buddy, he wanna be like me
    Pull out your six shooter and rob every bank you can see
    Tell the judge I said it was all right yeah


    Marco Giunco
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