Box #10 - Jim Croce

    Well out of Southern Illinios
    Come a down home country boy
    He gonna make it in the city
    Playin' guitar in the studio
    Well he hadn't been there an hour
    When he met a Broadway flower
    You know she took him for his money
    And she left him in a cheap hotel
    Oh well it's easy for you to see
    That that country boy is me
    Say and how am I ever gonna break the news
    To the folks back home
    Well I was gonna be a great success
    Things sure ended up a mess
    But in the process I got messed up too

    Hello Mamma and Dad I had to call collect
    'cause I ain't got a cent to my name
    Well I'm sleepin' in the hotel doorway
    And tonight they say it's gonna rain
    And if you'd only send me some money
    I'll be back on my feet again
    Send it in care of the Sunday Mission box number ten

    Well back in Southern Illinios they're still worryin' 'bout their boy
    But this boy's goin' home soon's he get's the fare
    Because as soon as I got my bread
    I got a pipe upside my head
    You know they left me in an alley
    Took my money and my guitar, too


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words