Hard Time Losin' Man - Jim Croce

    And you think you've seen trouble
    Well you're lookin' at the man ah ha
    Oh the world's own original hard luck story
    And a hard time losin' man

    Oh sometimes skies are cloudy
    And sometimes skies are blue
    And sometimes they say that you eat the bear
    But sometimes the bear eats you
    And sometimes I feel like I should go
    Far, far away and hide
    'cause I keep a waitin' for my ship to come in
    And all that ever comes is the tide


    Oh I saved up all my money
    I gonna buy me a flashy car
    So I go downtown to see the man
    And he smokin' on a big cigar
    Well he must'a thought I were Rockefeller
    Or an uptown man of wealth
    He said "Boy I got the car that's made for you
    And it's cleaner than the Board of Health"
    Then I got on the highway - oh I feelin' fine, I hit a bump
    Then I found I bought a car held together
    By wire, and a couple a' hunks of twine


    Oh Friday night, feelin' right
    I head out on the street
    Standin' in the doorway
    Was a dealer known as Pete
    Well he sold me a dime of some super-fine
    Dynamite from Mexico
    I spent all that night
    Just tryin' to get right
    On an ounce of Oregano

    Chorus (... fade ...)

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words