Cry Of A Tiny Babe - Bruce Cockburn

    Mary grows a child without the help of a man
    Joseph get upset because he doesn't understand
    Angel comes to Joseph in a powerful dream
    Says "God did this and you're part of his scheme"
    Joseph comes to Mary with his hat in his hand
    Says "forgive me I thought you'd been with some other man"
    She says "what if I had been -- but I wasn't anyway and guess what
    I felt the baby kick today"

    Like a stone on the surface of a still river
    Driving the ripples on forever
    Redemption rips through the surface of time
    In the cry of a tiny babe

    The child is born in the fullness of time
    Three wise astrologers take note of the signs
    Come to pay their respects to the fragile little king
    Get pretty close to wrecking everything
    'Cause the governing body of the whole land
    Is that of Herod, a paranoid man
    Who when he hears there's a baby born King of the Jews
    Sends death squads to kill all male children under two
    But that same bright angels warns the parents in a dream
    And they head out for the border and get away clean


    There are others who know about this miracle birth
    The humblest of people catch a glimpse of their worth
    For it isn't to the palace that the Christ child comes
    But to shepherds and street people, hookers and bums
    And the message is clear if you've got ears to hear
    That forgiveness is given for your guilt and your fear
    It's a Christmas gift you don't have to buy
    There's a future shining in a baby's eyes


    (Toronto,  March 1, 1990)


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words