One Of the Best Ones - Bruce Cockburn

    Guess I'd get along without you
    If I had no choice
    It's taken me this long to find you

    Done a lot of getting ready for this
    Some things we learn so slow
    But look at you, you've got plenty behind you

    There's lots of ways to hit the ground
    Not many answers to be found
    We're faced with mysteries profound
    And this is one of the best ones

    There are eight million mysteries
    In the naked body
    Can't even sight on some distant horizon

    Like the nine billion names of God
    Don't bring you any closer
    To anyone you can simply set eyes on

    But in the same way it's as real
    Don't always recognize what I feel
    But of the dancing scenes that life reveals
    This is one of the best ones

    Say what you will
    There's no snake oil or pill
    Can make love less painful or fine
    There's no theatre
    Even of the absurd
    Can express what goes on in this meeting of hearts and minds

    Guess I'd get along without you
    If I had no choice
    But please never make it so I have to

    Paid a lot of dues to get here
    And after all this life
    I'm a loser if I don't live with you


    (Toronto,  May 22, 1990)


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words