Great Big Love - Bruce Cockburn

    Evening sun slants across the road
    Painting everything with gold
    I'm headed for home, got a woman there
    I can barely wait to hold
    Got wind in my hair, got the heat inside
    Heart jumping up and down
    An empty head and a messed-up bed
    I'll be floating just above the ground

    Great big love
    Sweeping across the sky

    Seen a lot of things in the world outside
    Some bad but some good stuff too
    Felt the touch of love in the works of God
    And now and then in what people do
    Never had a lot of faith in human beings
    But sometimes we manage to shine
    Like a light on a hill beaming out to space
    From somewhere hard to find


    I ride and I shoot and I play guitar
    And I like my life just fine
    If you try to take one of these things from me
    Then you're no friend of mine
    Got a woman I love and she loves me
    And we live on a piece of land
    I never know quite how to measure these things
    But I guess I'm a happy man


    (Portage La Prairie (Manitoba) -- August 6, 1990)


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words