Tokyo - Bruce Cockburn

    They're getting prepared to haul a car out of the river
    Noise and smoke and concrete seem to be going on forever
    Grinding gears and drivers getting high on exhaust
    i'm thinking about the water down below and what got lost

    Pachinko jingle and space torpedo beams
    Comic book violence and escaping steam
    Grey suited business men pissing against the wall --
    Cut to crumbling guardrail, slow motions car fall

    Oh Tokyo -- I never can sleep in your arms
    Mind keeps on ringing like a fire alarm
    Me and all the other dice bouncing around in the cup
    Did you have to show me that accident scene
    Didn't I get enough shaking up?
    Still I'm gonna miss you...

    Dragon of good fortune struggles with trickster fox
    Energy and patience and the power of the buck
    Tonight I'm flying headlong
    to  meet  the  dark  red  edge  of  dawn
    I know somebody will be crying
    and somebody will be gone

    Oh Tokyo --  (repeat chorus)

    (Tokyo  September 15/79)


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words