What About the Bond - Bruce Cockburn

    disharmony gives way
    to mute helplessness
    not enough communication
    too much not expressed

    it's all to easy
    to let go of hope
    to think there's nothing worth saving
    and let it all go up in smoke

    what about the the bond

    what about the mystical unity
    what about the bond
    sealed in the loving presence of the Father

    of the institutions
    that should give a frame to work in
    got to find our own solutions

    pressure from all sides
    got to head right down the centre
    in the love that will abide

    what about the bond
    (repeat chorus)

    man and woman
    made to be one flesh
    nobody said it would be easy
    but can we let go now and fail the test?

    now you could say
    life is full of moving on
    but do you want the pain that's
    already been spent
    to all be wasted -- c'mon

    what about the bond
    (repeat chorus)

    (Ottawa, March 28th, 1980)


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words