More Not More - Bruce Cockburn

    i don't mean to cling to you my friends
    it's just i hate the day to have to end
    never enough time to spend
    i haven't done enough for this to
    be the end

    there must be more... more...
    more songs more warmth
    more love more life
    not more fear not more fame
    not more money not more games

    there -- you -- coming through the crowd
    blue light silhouettes your head
    i want to shout your name out loud
    but i shout inside instead

    there must be more... more...
    more current more spark
    more touch deep in the heart
    not more thoughtless cruelty
    not more being this lonely...

    don't i hear them talking?
    don't i know what they say?
    i'm a fool for thinking
    things could be better than they
    were today

    there must be more... more...
    more growth more truth
    more chains more loose
    not more pain not more walls
    not more living human voodoo dolls

    (Toronto, February 14th, 1980)


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words