Prenons la Mer - Bruce Cockburn

    Smoky afternoon light
    got the sun stuck in my eye
    it's shouting from the river
    then it leaps back in the sky
         Prenons la mer
         sur les vagues solaires --
         toi et moi parmi les esprits de la lumiere.
        Let us take to the sea
        On waves of sunlight
        You and I among the spirits of light

    This morning in the past
    y'know i felt like broken glass
    now i'm feeling all right
    knife-sharp as a winter night

         Prenons la mer...
    J'ai reve que les abeilles
    etaient des gouttes de sang du soleil
    et au ciel des bombardiers
    pechaient pour nos ames irisees
    I dreamt that the bees
    Were drops of blood from the sun
    And the bombers in the sky
    Were trawling for our iridescent souls

         Prenons la mer...


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words