Bruce Cockburn - In the Falling Dark

smiles and laughter and pleasant times
there's love in the world but it's hard to find
i'm so glad i found you -- i'd just like to extend
an invitation to the festival of friends.

    1. Lord of the Starfields (Cockburn) - 3:25
    2. Vagabondage (Cockburn) - 4:18
    3. In the Falling Dark (Cockburn) - 4:51
    4. Little Seahorse (Cockburn) - 4:29
    5. Water into Wine (Cockburn) - 5:31
    6. Silver Wheels (Cockburn) - 4:42
    7. Giftbearer (Cockburn) - 4:37
    8. Gavin's Woodpile (Cockburn) - 8:03
    9. I'm Gonna Fly Someday (Cockburn) - 4:03
    10. Festival of Friends (Cockburn) - 4:40


    Bruce Cockburn: Dulcimer, Guitar, Vocals
    Tom Anderson: Percussion
    Bob Boucher: Bass
    Bob Disalle: Drums
    Michael Donato: Bass
    Kathryn Moses:Flute, Piccolo
    Freddie Stone: Horn
    Bill Usher: Percussion, Vocals
    Fred Stone: Flugelhorn
    Luke Gibson: Vocals (bckgr)

    Production Credits:

    Ken Friesen: Engineer
    Gene Martynec: Producer
    Bart Schoales: Photography
    Tom Andersen: Percussion

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words