Free To Be - Bruce Cockburn

    Got no social graces
    never know my place
    one thing i am sure of
    you can't judge a man by his race
    birth don't come easy
    freedom doesn't come cheap
    rules and worlds get swept away
    while you waste your time in sleep

    (refrain)  Grow up you
               grow up me
               grown together
               free to be.

    There's music in the forest
    children laugh in the school yard
    on the skid row of the spirit
    hear the ranting of the Western Guard
    why don't you cool out
    can it be so hard
    to love yourself without thinking
    someone else holds a lower card


    Wired to the switchboard
    always on the move
    things we love to cling to
    but there's nothing we can prove
    you can only deal with
    what's before your face
    and the life you're given's no use at all
    if you burn it up in hate


    (Burritt's Rapids, 30/1/77)


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words