God Bless the Children - Bruce Cockburn

    night comes
    the mask of the world
    resolves into round bits of silver on the table
    round arrow nocked against the bow
    round fruit devoured by time
    while the moon climbs

    sea swells
    illusion is queen
    in the shallow graves of experience time-centred
    grave silence reigns over the stars
    graven image hanging in time
    while the earth unwinds

    with rain the world grows us older
    Lord let us not be lost
    God bless the children with knowledge of the cost

    day comes
    the hawk of gold
    springs forth in flame from a highway paved with diamonds
    lion rampant on a green field
    ramparts cracked into the sky
    while the Christ stands by

    with pain the world paves us over
    Lord let us not betray
    God bless the children with visions of the Day

    (june 14/72  Edmonton)


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words