A Hundred Years - Tracy Chapman

    Baby sweet baby
    Won't you please
    Come on back home to me
    I've been so lonely
    These few days feel like
    A hundred years

    How you make me worry baby
    How you make me worry about you
    Here I am I'm knowing
    That I can't live without you
    Here I am thinking
    Someday we make this a long time thing
    Here I am I'm knowing
    That I would do most anything
    If you keep on loving me

    Baby sweet baby
    I've been waiting
    Seem like waiting is all I do
    Don't say you won't come back to me
    And make me have to go aout chasing after you
    We get in a fight
    You stay out late
    You have no idea
    How much you make me worry baby
    Called everyone in town
    I think you know
    So come on now
    Come on come on
    Back home

    Baby sweet baby
    I'm a fool in love
    But I still got my pride too
    I'll wait a little longer
    I'll suffer for my heart
    Then I'll go find someone to worry about me
    As much as I worry about you

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words