Devil In Disguise - J.J. Cale

    From the California shore to New York City
    The beat don't never stop
    You can hear it on the radio anywhere you go
    It's steady as the rhythm of a clock
    It cuts through the noise of the city life
    It won't seem to go away
    It's the devil in disguise I tell you no lies
    My fingers do the walking everyday
    Yonder comes a young girl she wants to take a whirl
    She thinks it's all a dream
    She got rock and roll way down in her soul
    She wants to know where's the limousine
    Get up honey let your mama sit down
    You're too young anyway
    The devil in disguise give her the prize
    Then you can carry her away
    When the road I travel starts to unravel
    Every which way it goes
    The beat starts to press on my bullet proof vest
    And my high turns out to be low
    Give me my guitar I'm going to go far
    Let me see it let me hold it in my hand
    I'm the devil in disguise I tell you no lies
    I'm playing in a rock 'n roll band

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words