The Homes Of Donegal - Sean Mc Bride 

    I've just dropped in to see you all
    I'll only stay awhile
    I want to hear how you're getting on
    I want to hear you smile
    I'm happy to be back again
    And greet you big and small
    For there's no place on earth just like
    The homes of Donegal

    I long to see your smiling children
    Standing by the door
    The kettle boiling on the hearth
    As I walk up the floor
    And then to see a welcome free
    For travellers one and all
    For your hearts are like your mountains
    In the homes of Donegal

    I'd like to stay along with you
    And while away the night
    With fairy lore and tales of yore
    Beside the turf fire bright
    And then to see laid out for me
    A shake-down by the wall
    For there's rest for weary wanderers
    In the homes of Donegal

    The time has come for me to go
    And bid you all adieu
    For the open highway calls me back
    To do these things I do
    But when I'm travelling far away
    Your friendship I'll recall
    And please God I'll soon return unto
    The homes of Donegal

    Donegal, Pride of all
    Donegal, Pride of all

    Copyright Waltons /Rondor Music (London)


    Marco Giunco
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