The Island - Paul Brady 
    They say the skies of Lebanon are burning

    Those mighty cedars bleeding in the heat
    They're showing pictures on the television
    Women and children dying in the street
    And we're still at it in our own place
    Still trying to reach the future through the past
    Still trying to carve tomorrow from a tombstone...


    But Hey! Don't listen to me!
    This wasn't meant to be no sad song
    We've heard too much of that before
    Right now I only want to be here with you
    Till the morning dew comes falling
    I want to take you to the island
    And trace your footprints in the sand
    And in the evening when the sun goes down
    We'll make love to the sound of the ocean

    They're raising banners over by the markets
    Whitewashing slogans on the shipyard walls
    Witchdoctors praying for a mighty showdown
    No way our holy flag is gonna fall
    Up here we sacrifice our children
    To feed the worn-out dreams of yesterday
    And teach them dying will lead us into glory...

    Repeat chorus

    Now I know us plain folks don't see all the story
    And I know this peace and love's just copping out
    And I guess these young boys dying in the ditches
    Is just what being free is all about
    And how this twisted wreckage down on main street
    Will bring us all together in the end
    And we'll go marching down the road to freedom...

    Copyright Rondor Music (London)


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words