To Be The One  - Paul Brady

    It happens so easy, in the wink of an eye
    The moment you cut the cable
    The rest of the world goes drifting by
    Leaving you high and dry

    Your love was there waiting to slip me the key
    It's just that behind my curtain
    Your love wasn't getting through to me
    And setting my spirit free

    What started me thinking of changing the plan,
    What took me so long to find out
    That you only want me as I am?

    See how the silence sends it on down to you
    Now all you need is to believe it's true

    This lesson is over, this message got through
    I'm turning the corner
    You know that I'm coming back to you
    To be the one I can be

    I know you told me but I had to find it out for myself
    Oh sweet baby I cried
    And when I saw the way I hurt you
    Saw the tears in your eyes
    But now it's different cos I'm learning from my past mistakes
    And I never make the same one twice
    Listen to me when I tell you this is no disguise

    See how etc

    This lesson etc

    Copyright Rondor Music (London)


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words