Walk The White Line  - Paul Brady

    Here come the footstep, here come that friend of mine
    You'd think I'd know by now
    Over my shoulder come the familiar line
    Keeping me to my vow
    Changing the roadsigns, dragging me here and there
    Into the den of night
    Touching my body, knowing I love the touch
    So I don't know wrong from right
    No I don't know wrong from right

    Walk the white line!
    Oh, it's fading away, fading away...


    Too much needing leave you bleeding inside
    Too much wanting bring you pain
    When you're running out of places to hide
    Get back to the centre, right back to the centre

    You know the story...wanting to feel it all
    Out on the streets till dawn
    Watching her moving, feeling her eyes on you
    Energy burning on
    Wanting to have her, believing that's all it takes
    To fill up the empty zone
    How will you stand it, now that the feeling's gone
    Leaving you on your own
    Leaving you on your own?

    Walk the white line!
    Oh, it's fading away
    That's the life line
    Oh, it's fading away...fading away

    Copyright Rondor Music (London)


    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words