Goin' Gone - Pat Alger, Bill Dale, Fred Koller

    There's a lighthouse in the harbour
    Giving guidance with it's light
    But, I had no one to return to
    as I wandered through the night

    From the first time that I saw you
    Standing silent by the shore
    I knew my search was over
    and I would look for love no more

    Deep in the waters of love I am falling
    Sinking like a stone
    Deep in my heart I can hear love callin'
    Goin' once, goin twice, goin' gone
    Goin' once, goin twice, goin' gone
    There's a ship on the horizon
    Makin' it's way against the wind
    From the place where I stand watching
    I swear my ship is coming in

    (repeat chorus to fade out)

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words