Pat Alger, Fred Koller and Eugene Levine - Pat Alger, Fred Koller, Eugene Levine

    Your phone call took my by surprise
    Gee, it's been a long, long time
    Since those hot and humid Texas nights
    When we went swimm'n in the tide

    Corpus Christi seems so far away
    And I'm not talk'n 'bout the miles
    And there ain't much I wouldn't give today
    Just to see one of your smiles

    But here I sit alone in Denver
    Sipp'n the California wine
    And I've got all night to remember you
    I'm in a lone star state of mind

    I just saw John Wayne on the Late, Late Show
    Save the girl and ride away
    And I was hoping as the credits rolled
    He'd make it back to her someday

    Repeat chorus

    It's a thousand miles or more
    From here to your front door
    I'd be there tomorrow if I left today
    And I'd just pack up my guitar
    You know it's really not that far
    When you called you said I'd have a place to stay

    Repeat chorus

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words