Rock and Roll Singer - Paul Carrack, Terry Comer

    I wake up in the mornin' with my head full of rocks
    She says, one of these days I'm gonna wake up in a box
    She says, oh baby, you know this won't do
    Cause I gotta have your love
    And you gotta feel it too

    She's a straight talkin', street walkin'
    Rock and roll singer too
    And if she hits the big time
    I don't know what I'm gonna do

    She brings me sugar in my coffee
    She knows I like it sweet
    She brings me ice in my whiskey
    When she's turnin' up the heat
    She comes up from behind me,
    furry like and alley cat
    She's in the rhythm
    I've got to hold on to my hat

    Chorus Twice

    I said, oh baby, you got a way about you
    And when you look at me this way
    You know there's nothin' I can do
    I been sittin' here moanin'
    I had a drink or two
    Yet across a smokey room I been watching you



    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words