Leah Kunkel - I Run With Trouble
    1. Let's Begin
    2. The Only Man on Earth
    3. Temptation
    4. Hard Feelings
    5. Never Gonna Lose My Dream of Your Mind
    6. Someone on Your Mind
    7. Dreaming as One
    8. Heart of Stone
    9. Fast Asleep
    10. I Run with Trouble


    Matt "Guitar" Murphy: Strings, Keyboards
    Penny Nichols: Vocals
    Stephen Bishop: Guitar
    Graham Nash: Vocals
    David Lasley: Vocals
    Tom Scott: Saxophone
    Bobby Shew: Horn
    Leah Kunkel: Keyboards, Vocals
    Pamala Stanley: Vocals
    Ernie Carlson: Trombone
    Lenny Castro: Percussion
    Harlan Collins: Vocals
    Craig Doerge: Piano
    David Duke: Horn
    Ian Fairbairn Smith: Vocals
    Paul Fanerso: Keyboards
    Barnard Fleischer: Flute
    Steve Forman: Percussion
    John Guerin: Drums
    Mitch Holder: Guitar
    David Hungate: Bass
    John Jarvis: Piano
    Ron Leonard
    Steve Lukather: Guitar
    Jeff Porcaro: Drums
    Mike Porcaro: Bass
    Jim Self: Horn
    James Lee Stanley: Vocals
    William D. "Smitty" Smith: Keyboards, Vocals

    Production Credits:

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