Peter Himmelman - My Best Friend Is A Salamander
    1. You'll Always Be You to Me (Peter Himmelman)
    2. My Best Friend Is a Salamander (Peter Himmelman)
    3. Picnic at the Zoo (Peter Himmelman)
    4. Melvin McBrickle (Peter Himmelman)
    5. Little Space Guy (Peter Himmelman)
    6. Larry's a Sunflower Now (Himmelman/Wolovitch)
    7. Language Lesson With Mr. Schnibelstein (Peter Himmelman)
    8. Tantrum (Peter Himmelman)
    9. Bucky the Talkin' Miniature Horse (Peter Himmelman)
    10. Little Bitty Baby (Peter Himmelman)
    11. An Ant Named Jane (Peter Himmelman)
    12. Magic When You Come My Way (Peter Himmelman)


    Peter Himmelman: Guitar, Harmonica, Keyboards, Vocals
    Al Wolovitch: Bass
    Greg Herzenach: Guitar

    Production Credits:

    Peter Himmelman: Producer
    Henk Kooistra: Mastering
    Al Wolovitch: Producer, Engineer
    Ron Crofoot:  Photography

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words