Aa-vv - Broadcasts Vol.4 107.1 Kgsr/radio Austin
    1. Little Wind (could blow me away) (Peter Case, Tom Russel) 3:50 - performed by Peter Case
    2. Down Across The Delaware (James McMurtry) 4:35 - performed by James McMurtry
    3. Ranches And Rivers (Joe Ely) 4:01 - performed by Joe Ely
    4. Complicated (Frank Orrall) 3:41 - performed by Poi Dog Pondering
    5. Windfall (Jay Farrar) 3:06 - performed by Son Volt
    6. Son of Native Stepson (Sonny Landreth) 3:48 - performed by Sonny Landreth
    7. Mas Y Mas (David Hidalgo, Louie Perez) 4:46 - performed by Los Lobos
    8. The River Knows Your Name (John Hiatt) 4:37 - performed by John Hiatt
    9. Johnny Was A Pyro (Patty Larkin) 3:12 - performed by Patty Larkin
    10. Cobwebs (Loudon Wainwright III) 3:15 - performed by Loudon Wainwright III
    11. Second-Line Limbo (John Sheldon, William Strange) 4:00 - performed by Teisco Del Rey & The Nutrockers
    12. Devil's Great-Grandson (Don Walser) 2:38 - performed by Don Walser
    13. Atlantico (Tish Hinojosa) 2:46 - performed by Tish Hinojosa
    14. Ninety-Nine Year Blues (Daniels) 2:32 - performed by Chris Smither
    15. Society (Ian Moore) 4:13 - performed by Ian Moore
    16. Dirty Boulevard (Lou Reed) 4:13 - performed by Lou Reed
    17. Dixie Flyer (Randy Newman) 3:20 - performed by Randy Newman
    18. Put You Down (Alejandro Escovedo) 5:29 - performed by Alejandro Escovedo
    19. Testing 1-2 (Kris McKay, Patty Keating) 3:47 - performed by Kris McKay
    20. KGSR - Emergency Broadcast Test 0:39
    21. Everything Falls Apart (Peter Stuart) 4:12 - performed by Dog's Eye View
    22. Lebanon, Tennessee (Ronald Eldon  Sexsmith) 2:47 - performed by Ron Sexsmith
    23. Big As Life (Ed Hamell) 4:33 - performed by Hamell On Trial
    24. Pensacola (Joan Osborne) 4:37 - performed by Joan Osborne
    25. We Just Disagree (Dave Mason) 2:54 - performed by Dave Mason
    26. Lovin' in My Baby's Eyes (Taj Mahal) 2:34 - performed by Taj Mahal
    27. Flatland Boogie (Terry Allan) 3:50 - performed by Terry Allan
    28. Don't Ya Tell Henry (Bob Dylan) 3:46 - performed by The Band
    29. Different Currency (Bill Morrissey) 3:19 - performed by Bill Morrissey
    30. Dos Amigos (Teye, Juan Munoz Planton) 3:14 - performed by Teye
    31. Recommend My Love (Joan Armatrading) 3:03 - performed by Joan Armatrading
    32. Angel Mine (Michael Timmins) 3:00 - performed by Cowboy Junkies
    33. Across The Great Divide (Dan Wilson) 2:09 - performed by Semisonic
    34. Blackhawk (Daniel Lanois) 3:48 - performed by Emmylou Harris
    35. We Don't Run (Willie Nelson) 2:56 - performed by Willie Nelson
    36. 6th Avenue Heartache (Jacob Dylan) 6:04 - performed by The Wallflowers
    37. Off White (Oliver Giraud, 8 1/2 Souvenirs) 2:55 - performed by 8 1/2 Souvenirs
    38. Poor Man's House (Patty Griffin) 4:30 - performed by Patty Griffin
    39. Not Long For This World (Kelly Willis) 2:53 - performed by Kelly Willis
    40. That's Right (You're Not From Texas) (Lyle Lovett, Willis Alan Ramsey, Alison Rogers) 5:15 - performed by Lyle Lovett
    41. EBS Test 0:35


    Peter Case:  Vocals, Harmonica, Guitar
    James McMutry:  Vocals, Guitar
    Joe Ely:  Vocals, Guitar
    Teye: Flamenco Guitar
    Lloyd Maines: Dobro
    Glen Fukanaga: Bass
    Fran Orrall: Vocal, Body Percussion
    Dag Juhlin:  Vocals, Guitar
    Susan Voelz: Violin, Vocal
    Dave Crawford:  Vocals, Accordion
    Jay Farrar: Vocals, Guitar
    Jim Boquist:  Guitar, Vocals
    Dave Boquist: Fiddle
    Sonny Landreth: Acoustinc slide, EBowed elctric guitars
    Dave Ranson: Electric Bass Guitar
    Mike Organ: Drums
    Steve R. Conn: Accordion, Royalist Tube Organ
    The Lonizer: Percussion
    David Hidalgo: Vocals, Guitar
    Cesar Rosas: Guitar
    Louie Perez: Guitar
    Conrad Lozano: Bass
    Steve Berlin: Sax
    Victor Bisetti: Drums
    John Hiatt: Vocals, Guitar
    Davey Farragher: Bass, Vocal
    David Immergluck: Mandolin
    Michael Urbano: Percussion
    Patty Larkin: Vocals, Guitar
    Loudon Wainwright III: Vocals, Guitar
    Teisco Del Rey: Guitar
    Casper Rawis: Guitar
    Kewin Smith: Bass
    Lisa Pankratz: Drums
    Don Walser: Vocals, Guitar
    Tish Hinojosa: Vocals, Guitar
    Marvin Dykhuis: Lead Guitar, vocal
    Chip Dolan: Accordion
    Chris Smither: Vocals, Guitar
    Ian Moore: Vocals, Guitar
    Lou Reed: Vocals, Guitar
    Mike Rathke: Guitar
    Fernando Saunders: Bass, Vocal
    Tnoy "Thunder" Smith: Percussion
    Randy Newman: Piano, Vocal
    Alejandro Escovedo: Vocals, Guitar
    Joe Eddy Hines: Guitar
    David Perales: Violin, Vocal
    Brian Standelfer: Cello
    Kris McKay: Vocals, Guitar
    Mark Hallman: Lead Guitar, Vocal
    Peter Stuart: Vocals, Guitar
    Tim Bradshaw: Guitar, Vocals
    Ron Sexsmith: Vocals, Guitar
    Hammell on Trail: Vocals, Guitar
    Joan Osborne: Vocal
    Jack Petruzelli: Vocals, Mandoin
    Erik della Penna: Guitar
    Dave Mason: Vocals, Guitar
    Pat Bouts: Harmony Vocals
    Ritchie Campbell: Harmony Vocals
    Taj Mahal: Vocals, Guitar
    Terry Allen: Vocal, Keyboards
    Lloyd Maines: Dobro
    Richard Bowden: Fiddle
    Levon Helm: Vocals, Mandolin
    Rick Danko: Bass, Vocal
    Garth Hudson: Accordion
    Jim Weider: Guitar
    Richard Bell: Electric Piano
    Randy Ciarlante: Percussion
    Bill Morrisey: Vocals, Guitar
    Joan Armatrading: Vocal
    Natalie Feingold: Keyboards
    Joe Tia San: Violin
    Laura Fairbust: Cello
    Margo Timmins: Vocals
    Michael Timmins: Guitar
    John Munson: Bass, Harmonica, Vocal
    Jacob Slichter: Percussion, Vocal
    Emmylou Harris: Vocals, Guitar
    Buddy Miller: 12-string electric mandolin, Vocal
    Daryl Johnson: Bass
    Brady Blades: Percussion
    Willie Nelson: Vocals, Guitar
    Bobbie Nelson: Keyboards
    Jody Payne: Guitar, Vocal
    Johnny Gimble: Fiddle
    Mickey Rapahel: Harmonica
    Bee Spears: Bass
    Jacob Dylan: Vocals, Guitar
    Michael Ward: Slide guitar, Vocal
    Rami Jaffe: Accordion
    Greg Richling: Bass
    Mario Calire: Percussion
    Juliana Sheffield: Vocals
    Olivier Giraud: Guitar,  Vocals
    Glover Gill: Accordion
    Todd Wulfmeyer: Bass
    Adam Berlin: Percussion
    Patty Griffin: Vocals, Guitar
    Kelly Willis: Vocals, Guitar
    Jon Dee Graham: Lap Steel
    Marc Spencer: Guitar
    Tony Maimone: Bass
    Will Rigby: Drums
    Lyle Lovett: Vocals, Guitar
    Ray Herndon: Lead Guitar
    John Hagen: Cello
    Andrea Zonn: Violin
    Viktor Krauss: Bass
    James Gilmer: Percussion

    Production Credits:

    Jody Denberg: Producer, Recording
    Bill Johnson: Recording
    Paul Wittman: Recording, Production Assistance
    Susan Castle: Recording
    Bryan Beck: Recording, Production Assistance
    Kevin Connor: Recording
    Bobby Ray: Recording
    Jenn Garrison: Recording
    Duncan Black: Additional Engineering
    Ross McLeod: Additional Engineering
    Stu Urbach: Additional Engineering
    Jerry Tubb: Digital Editing
    Bill Johnson: Digital Editing, Production Assistance
    Jyl Hershman: Production Assistance
    Jenn Garrison: Production Assistance
    Kathy Marcus: Art Direction, Design
    Wyatt McSpadden: Cover Photograph
    Edd Patton: Illustration

    Marco Giunco
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