Marcia Ball - Gatorhythms
    1. How You Carry On (M. Rebennack)
    2. La Ti Da (M. Ball)
    3. The Power Of Love (M. Ball)
    4. Mobile (M. Ball)
    5. Find Another Fool (M. Ball)
    6. Mama's Cooking (M. Ball, S. Bruton)
    7. What's A Girl To Do (L. R. Parnell, C. Moore)
    8. Daddy Said (M. Ball)
    9. You'll Come Around (M. Ball)
    10. Red Hot (L. R. Parnell, C. Moore)


    Marcia Ball: vocals, piano, accordion, organ
    Don Bennett: bass
    Rodney Craig: drums, cowbell, triangle
    Stephen Bruton: electric guitar, acoustic guitar, slide guitar
    Derek O'Brien: guitar
    James Hinkle: rhythm guitar
    Jesse Taylor: guitar
    Mark Kazanoff: tenor saxophone, baritone saxophone
    Keith Winking: trumpet
    John Blondell: trombone
    Angela Strehli: background vocals
    Lou Ann Barton: background vocals

    Production Credits:

    Marcia Ball: Producer
    Steve Tillisch: Producer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words