Zachary Richard - Women In The Room
    1. Who Stole My Monkey?  (Carig Legé, Leon Medica, Zachary Richard) -  3:37
    2. My Nanette (Craig Legé,  Zachary Richard) -  3:12
    3. No French, No More (T. Shevre,  Zachary Richard) -  4:07
    4. Give Me Back My Wings (Zachary Richard) -  4:26
    5. Zack's Zydeco (Zachary Richard) -   3:47
    6. Too Many Women (Zachary Richard) -  3:19
    7. Shades of Blue (Zachary Richard) -   4:18
    8. Manchac (Zachary Richard) -  3:49
    9. La Ballade de Howard Hébert (Rick Michot, Zachary Richard) -  3:37
    10. Take Me Away (Zachary Richard) - 3:39
    11. Aux Natchitoches (Traditiona Arranged by Zachary Richard) - 2:18


    Brian Stoltz: Guitar
    Didier Alexandre: Bass
    Tommy Shreve: Guitar
    Tommy Comeaux: Mandoline
    Joe Hammer: Drums
    Cruz Frugé: Drums
    Oran Guidry Jr.: Bass
    Kevin Barzas: Acoustic guitar
    Steve Berlin: Saxophone
    Rufus Thibodeaux: Fiddle
    Marshall Cyr: Cowbell
    Jimmy Buffet: Background vocals
    T.K. Hulin: Background vocals
    Lyn Collins: Background vocals
    Rita Johnson: Background vocals
    Zachary Richard: Guitar, Harmonica, Accordion, Arranger, Vocals

    Production Credits:

    Zachary Richard: Producer
    Steve Lowney: Assistant Engineer
    John Matousek: Mastering
    Michael Miller: Photography
    Bill Nettles: Paintings
    Jim Scott: Producer, Engineer, Mixing

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words