Phish - A Live One
    1. Bouncing Around the Room (Trey Anastasio, Tom Marshall) - 4:08
    2. Stash (Trey Anastasio, Tom Marshall) - 12:32
    3. Gumbo (Trey Anastasio, John Fishman) - 5:15
    4. Montana (Phish) - 2:04
    5. You Enjoy Myself (Trey Anastasio) - 20:57
    6. Chalk Dust Torture (Trey Anastasio, Tom Marshall) - 6:48
    7. Slave to the Traffic Light (Dave Abrahams, Trey Anastasio, Dude of Life) - 10:48
    8. Wilson (Trey Anastasio, Tom Marshall, Woolfe) - 5:07
    9. Tweezer (Phish) - 30:55
    10. Simple (Michael Gordon) - 4:53
    11. Harry Hood (Long/Phish) - 15:11
    12. The Squirming Coil (Trey Anastasio, Tom Marshall) - 11:19


    Trey Anastasio: Guitar, Vocals
    Page McConnell: Keyboards, Vocals
    Michael Gordon: Bass, Vocals
    Jon Fishman: drums, vocals

    The Giant Country Horns (on Gumbo) are:
    Peter Apfelbaum: tenor saxophone
    Carl Gerhard: trumpet
    Dave Grippo: alto saxophone
    James Harvey: trombone
    Michael Ray: trumpet

    Production Credits:

    Phish: Producer
    Steve Colby: Engineer
    Ken Friedman: Photography
    Stephen Marcussen: Mastering
    Steve Rinkoff: Technical Consultant
    Ed Thacker: Mixing
    Carol Bobolts: Art Direction, Design
    Chris Laidlaw: Assistant Engineer
    Danny Clinch: Photography
    Todd Vos: Assistant Engineer
    Paul Languedoc: Engineer
    C. Taylor Crothers: Photography
    Sofi Dillof: Photography
    Jason Colton: Photography
    John Paluska: Photography
    John Voci: Engineer

    Marco Giunco
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