Eric Blakely - Growing Into My Father'S Clothes
    1. Growing Into My Father'S Clothes (Eric Blakely) - 3:19
    2. Grandma Likes A Tin Roof (Eric Blakely) - 3:32
    3. Waiting On Marie  (Eric Blakely) - 2:46
    4. Love is a Feather (Eric Blakely) - 3:27
    5. Like a Wheel (Eric Blakely) - 3:27
    6. Forever's Not Forever (Eric Blakely) - 3:24
    7. Her Reflectionin the Water (Eric Blakely) - 2:46
    8. Don't Tread on Me (Eric Blakely) - 3:56
    9. The Bottle Knocked You Over (Eric Blakely) - 3:15
    10. My First Night in Paris (Eric Blakely) - 5:17


    Eric Blakely: Vocals, Guitars, Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitars, Background Vocals, Arranger
    Ron Erwin: Drums, Arranger
    Guy Forsyth: Slide Guitar
    David Heath: Bass, Arranger
    Larry Trace: Pedal Steel Guitar
    Mike Landschoot: Lead Guitars
    Sarah Elizabeth Campbell: Vocals
    Paul Sweeney: Mandolin
    Tom Pittman: Banjio
    Lorne Hall: Upright Bass, Bass
    Lisa Schneider: Vocals, Arranger
    Jesse Taylor: Rhythm Guitar, Lead Guitars
    Marcia Ball: Accordion
    Randy Glines: Arranger

    Production Credits:

    Randy Dees: Executive Producer, Photo, Cover Layout, Design
    Eric Blakely: Producer, Engineer, Cover Layout, Design
    Noel McKay: Assstant Engineer
    Russ C.Smith: Editing, Mastering
    Mark Shuman: Cover Photo

    Marco Giunco
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