The Fast Folk Musical Magazine - June'84
    1. Ain't Nobody Home But Me (Pink Anderson) 3:08 - Paul Geremia
    2. Worried Blues (Traditional) 21:31 - Bob Guida
    3. Walkin' Blues (Robert Johnson) 2:28 - Tucker Smallwood
    4. Viper's Drag (Thomas Waller) 2:18 - Howie Wyeth
    5. 1919 Influenza Blues (Traditional) 3:05 - Bob Zaidman
    6. Drop Down Mama (Sleepy John Estes) 5:10 John Hammond (*)
    7. Hot Time in the Old Town Tonight (Traditional) 1:51 - Ari Eisinger
    8. I Like You Fine (Rod MacDonald, Nikki Matheson) 4:59 - Rhythm & Romance
    9. April Blues (Peter Spencer) 3:11 - Peter Spencer
    10. Country Rag (Traditional) 1:40 - Otis Brothers (*)
    11. Motherless Children (Blind Willie Johnson) 3:07 - Dave Van Ronk (*)
    12. What Are They Doing in Heaven Today (Washington Phillips) 2:50 - Pat Conti

    (*) Recorded Live


    Paul Geremia: Vocal, Guitar
    Del Lord: Piano
    Bob Guida: Vocal, Mandolin
    Tucker Smallwood: Vocal, Guitar
    Howie Wyeth: Piano
    Bob Zaidman: Vocal, Guitar
    John Hammond: Vocal, National Steel Guitar
    Ari Eisinger: Vocal, Guitar
    Joe Lauro: String Bass
    Peter Spencer: Vocal, Guitar, Slide Guitar
    Raoul Otis: String Bass
    Amos Otis: Slide Guitar
    Dave Van Ronk: Vocal, Guitar
    Pat Conti: Vocal, Dolciola

    Rhythm & Romance are:
    Nikki Matheson: Vocal
    Neil Conaty: String Bass
    Akira Satake: Guitars
    Larry Wexer: Harmonica
    Marty Laster: Violin

    Production Credits:

    Jack Hardy: Editor
    Nancy Talanian: Associate Editor, Advertising, Graphics Director
    Mark Dann: Recording Engineer
    Alan Beck: Photography Editor
    R.Crumb: Art & Photography Contributors
    Dennis De Vincenzo: Art & Photography Contributors
    Chuck Hancock: Art & Photography Contributors
    Joe Lauro: Art & Photography Contributors, Recording Engineer
    Richard Meyer: Art & Photography Contributors, Literary Contributors, Prodution Staff, Cover Execution
    Germana Pucci: Art & Photography Contributors, Production Staff
    Jeff Tiedrich: Art & Photography Contributors
    Bob Zaidman: Art & Photography Contributors
    Bonnie Jo Blankinship: Literary Contributors
    Gary Bohem: Literary Contributors
    Roger Deitz: Literary Contributors
    Jean Freedman: Literary Contributors
    Paul Kaplan: Literary Contributors
    Joe La Rose: Literary Contributors
    Andrew Marcus: Literary Contributors
    Byrne Power: Literary Contributors
    Angela Page Hardy: Literary Contributors, Production Staff
    Byrne Power: Literary Contributors
    Brian Rose: Literary Contributors
    Sherwood Ross: Literary Contributors, Media Consultant
    Peter Spencer: Literary Contributors
    Dave Van Ronk: Literary Contributors
    Ray Korona: Legal Consultant
    Tom Nash: Subscrictions, Correspondence
    Dianne Nash: Subscrictions, Correspondence
    Pat Cambouris: Subscrictions, Correspondence
    Ruth Ann Brauser: Production Staff
    Jay Bird: Production Staff
    Rudy Lopes: Production Staff
    Jay Rosen: Production Staff, Recording Engineer
    Rob Strachan: Production Staff
    Joe Lauro: Cover Design

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words