Frank Zappa - Sleep Dirt
    1. Filthy Habits (Frank Zappa) - 7:33
    2. Flambay (Frank Zappa) - 4:54
    3. Spider of Destiny (Frank Zappa) - 2:33
    4. Regyptian Strut (Frank Zappa) - 4:12
    5. Time Is Money (Frank Zappa) - 2:49
    6. Sleep Dirt (Frank Zappa) - 3:21
    7. The Ocean Is the Ultimate Solution (Frank Zappa) - 13:17


    George Duke: Keyboards, Vocals
    Bruce Fowler: Brass
    Chester Thompson: Drums
    Chad Wackerman: Overdubs
    Terry Bozzio: Drums
    Napoleon Murphy Brock: Saxophone
    Frank Zappa: Guitar, Percussion, Arranger, Keyboards, Vocals
    Thana Harris: Vocals
    Patrick O'Hearn: Bass
    Dave Parlato: Bass
    Ruth Underwood: Percussion, Keyboards
    James Youman: Bass

    Production Credits:

    Bob Stone: Mastering
    Frank Zappa: Producer
    Stephen Marcussen: Mastering
    Gary Panter: Art Direction

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words