Jesse Colin Young - The Highway Is For Heroes
    1. Highway Is for Heroes (Jesse Colin Young, Wendy Waldman)
    2. Erica (Jesse Colin Young)
    3. Young Girls (Jesse Colin Young)
    4. When You Dance (Jesse Colin Young)
    5. The Master (Jesse Colin Young, Cuomo)
    6. Dreams Take Flight (Jesse Colin Young)
    7. Do It Slow (Jesse Colin Young)
    8. T-Bone Shuffle (T-Bone Walker)
    9. Before You Came (Jesse Colin Young)


    Jesse Colin Young: guitar, bass, vocals
    Bob Smith: percussion
    Larry Blackshere: percussion
    Jerry Cortez: guitar, vocals
    Rob Wasserman: bass
    DMX: drums
    Jeff Myer: drums, tambourine
    Jim Rothermel: clarinet, saxophone
    Terry Shelton: drums, vocals

    Production Credits:

    Jesse Colin Young: Producer, Engineer
    Terry Shelton: Engineer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words