Jerry Jeff Walker - Reunion
    1. Maybe Mexico (Jerry Jeff Walker) - 3:12
    2. Sailing (Jerry Jeff Walker) - 3:56
    3. Takin' It As It Comes (Jerry Jeff Walker, Bobby Rambo) - 3:23
    4. Got Lucky Last Night (Jerry Jeff Walker) - 2:37
    5. Bittersweet (Jerry Jeff Walker, Bob Livingston) - 2:52
    6. Some Go Home (Jerry Jeff Walker) - 5:06
    7. Morning Song To Sally (Jerry Jeff Walker) - 3:13
    8. She Left Me Holdin' (Jerry Jeff Walker, Milton Carroll) - 4:16
    9. For Little Jessie (She Knows Her Daddy Sings) (Jerry Jeff Walker) - 4:23
    10. Pick Up The Tempo (Willie Nelson) - 4:40


    Willie Nelson: Guitar, Vocals
    Bonnie Bramlett: Vocals
    Dave Perkins: Guitar
    Ava Aldridge: Vocals
    Barry Beckett: Keyboards
    Mickey Buckins: Guitar, Percussion
    Harrison Calloway: Trumpet
    Ronnie Eades: Horn
    Roger Hawkins: Drums
    David Hood: Bass
    Jerry Jeff Walker: Guitar, Vocals
    Jimmy Johnson: Guitar
    Randy McCormick: Piano
    Weldon Myrick: Guitar, Guitar (Steel)
    Wayne Perkins: Guitar
    Bobby Rambo: Bass, Guitar, Vocals
    Tomás Ramírez: Wind
    Cindy Richardson: Vocals
    Charles Rose: Trombone
    John Mark Rutherford:Horn
    Harvey Thompson: Saxophone
    Jessie Walker: Vocals

    Production Credits:

    Barry Beckett: Producer
    Gregg Hamm: Engineer
    Steve Melton: Additional Engineer
    Mary Beth McLemore: Assistant Engineer
    Dick Cooper: Production Assistant
    Bobby Hata: Mastering
    Jim McGuire: Photography
    Dick Reeves: Art Direction, Design
    John Wilson: Art Direction, Design
    John Deichman: Art Direction &  Design Assistance

    Marco Giunco
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