Jerry Jeff Walker - A Man Must Carry On

NOTES (flash thoughts)
We started this album (record) after Luckenbach (Viva Terlingua). We decided that "Dale Ash by and Father" had found that assignment so easy they might as well follow us "around the horn." It led us through over two years of recording and eighty-five boxes of tape.
I wanted to catch us in all kinds of moods and situations and eventually we went back to Luckenbach where we spent the final summer with Hondo in his town. The magic as always was there. After we left the news came that Hondo had rolled on. We remember the life always. He is always with us,
a part of all of us all ways.
These songs are really my whole musical sides (we have enough for an album or two left over). I didn't honestly know it would show. (So from upstate New York square dances to Texas country stomps ain't so hard if you don't walk every step with me!) I just hope you easily understand and enjoy.
To Michael Brovsky a special thanks for the hours of patience and mixes (and tasteful overdubs, never losing the essence). (I mean eighty-five boxes of tape! That's a challenge even to lift them empty! ! )
To The Lost Gonzo Band -my very best on their own. This album is a good summary of all our playing, living and general desire of being. So go rock 'n roll- country -blues -science fiction -and experience all the joy of living life with music.
There are some other musicians here -probably the new live-on- stage band. I'm glad they could be part of this group of songs because they will be part of alII do in the next period. (What?) They will all be noted per cut. (I hope there ain't nothin' to this silly or bidness but weird quirks.)
Last thought -
It feels good; so it must be good. I had a good time living its ups and downs, its frustrations, its joys.
So what else is there but to keep on carryin' on.

"Jack Jack"
Jerry Jeff Walker
Your constant hobo

    1. Stereo Chickens - 2:36
    2. Don't It Make You Wanna Dance? (Rusty Weir) - 4:16
    3. Roll On Down The Road (Gary P. Nunn, Bob Livingston) - 4:29
    4. Song For The Life (Rodney Crowell) - 3:40
    5. Leavin' Texas (Jerry Jeff Walker, Dave Roberts) - 4:44
    6. Honky Tonk Music (George Hawke) - 4:08
    7. Railroad Lady (Jerry Jeff Walker, Jimmy Buffett) - 3:40
    8. Ro-deo-deo Cowboy (Dave Gilstrap) - 3:44
    9. Derby Day (Jerry Jeff Walker) - 4:43
    10. Long Afternoons (Paul Siebel) - 4:33
    11. His Heart Was So Full Of Mischief (Charles John Quarto) - 1:57
    12. The Stranger (He Was The Kind) (Jerry Merrick) - 2:48
    13. Rockin' Chair (Rick Cardwell) - 3:28
    14. It Shall Be A Midnight Music (Charles John Quarto) - 1:15
    15. Luckenbach Moon (Hondo Crouch) - 3:36
    16. Like Some Song You Can't Unlearn (Charles John Quarto) - 1:04
    17. My Buddy (Walter Donaldson, Gus Kahn) - 3:43
    18. The Stranger (He Was The Kind) Reprise (Jerry Merrick) - 1:01
    19. Mr. Bojangles (Jerry Jeff Walker) - 6:12
    20. L.A. Freeway (Guy Clark) - 4:49
    21. Sea Cruise Medley - 4:03
      1. Sea Cruise (Huey Smith)
      2. Johnny B. Goode (Chuck Berry)
      3. Peggy Sue (Jerry Allison, Norman Petty, Buddy Holly)
      4. Sea Cruise (Huey Smith)
    22. One Too Many Mornings (Bob Dylan) - 3:52
    23. Up Against The Wall, Redneck (Ray Wylie Hubbard) - 3:21
    24. Will The Circle Be Unbroken? (Public Domain) - 2:55


    Willie Nelson: Guitar, Vocals
    David Briggs: Keyboards
    Karen Brooks: Vocals
    Dave Perkins: Guitar
    Charles John Quarto: Vocals
    Ray Wylie Hubbard: Vocals
    James Baker: Trombone
    Dr. Patterson Barrett: Guitar (Steel)
    Kenneth A. Buttrey: Drums
    Vassar Clements: Violin
    Ron Cobb: Saxophone
    Hondo Crouch: Vocals
    Donny Dolan: Drums
    Kelly Dunn: Organ
    John Inmon: Guitar, Vocals
    Jerry Jeff Walker: Guitar, Vocals
    Steve Keith: Violin
    Freddie "Steady" Krc & Wild Country: Percussion , Drums, Vocals
    Leo LeBlanc: Guitar (Steel)
    Robert Livingston: Bass, Keyboards, Vocals
    Donald McClure: Keyboards
    Weldon Myrick: Guitar, Guitar (Steel)
    Shari Neuwelt: Vocals
    Gary P. Nunn: Keyboards, Vocals
    Norbert Putnam: Bass
    Bobby Rambo: Bass, Guitar, Vocals
    Tomás Ramírez: Wind
    Bee Spears: Bass
    Herb Steiner: Guitar (Steel)
    Susan Walker: Vocals
    Homer Willis: Harmonica

    Production Credits:

    Michael Brovsky: Producer, Recorder, Remixing
    Dale Ashby: Recorder
    Bill Ashby: Recorder
    John Ingle: Recorder, Remixing
    Melinda Wickman: Front Photos
    Scott Newton: Back Photos
    Jom McGuire: Inside Photos

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words