Jerry Jeff Walker - Contrary To Ordinary
    1. Tryin' To Hold The Wind Up With A Sail (Pat Garvey) - 4:15
    2. Saturday Night Special (Lee Clayton) - 4:35
    3. Suckin' A Big Bottle Gin (Butch Hancock) - 3:15
    4. What Are We Doing? (Bobby Charles) - 2:40
    5. Till I Gain Control Again (Rodney Crowell) - 5:56
    6. Contrary To Ordinary (Billy Jim Baker) - 6:30
    7. We Were Kinda Crazy Then (Susanna Clark) - 3:42
    8. Deeper Than Love (Waiter Hyatt) - 4:42
    9. I Spent All My Money Lovin' You (Bobby Charles)  - 2:52
    10. Carry Me Away (Bobby Rambo) - 3:10


    Bobby Rambo: Acoustic Guitar, Electric Rhythm Guitar, Alternate Electric Lead, Background Vocals
    Ron Cob: Bass, Horns
    Leo Leblanc: Pedal Steel
    Dave Perkins: Acoustic Lead Guitar, Electric Lead Guitar, Background Vocals
    Fred Krc: Drums, Percussion, Background Vocals
    Tomas Ramirez: Horns
    Jerry Jeff Walker: Vocals, Guitar

    Production Credits:

    Michael Brovsky: Producer, Remixing Engineer
    Chet Himes: Recording Engineer, Remixing Engineer
    Jim McGuire: Front Photograph
    Doatsy Shrake: Rear Photograph

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words