Tom Waits - Closing Time
    1. Ol' 55 (Tom Waits)
    2. I Hope That I Don't Fall in Love with You (Tom Waits)
    3. Virginia Avenue (Tom Waits)
    4. Old Shoes (& Picture Postcards) (Tom Waits)
    5. Midnight Lullaby (Tom Waits)
    6. Martha (Tom Waits)
    7. Rosie (Tom Waits)
    8. Lonely (Tom Waits)
    9. Ice Cream Man (Tom Waits)
    10. Little Trip to Heaven (On the Wings of your Love) (Tom Waits)
    11. Grapefruit Moon (Tom Waits)
    12. Closing Time (Tom Waits)


    Tom Waits: Guitar, Piano, Celeste, Vocals
    Bill Plummer: Bass
    Shep Cooke: Guitar, Vocals
    Delbert Bennett: Trumpet
    Arni Egilsson: Bass
    Jesse Ehrlich: Cello
    Peter Klimes: Guitar
    John Seiter: Drums, Vocals (bckgr)
    Tony Terran: Trumpet

    Production Credits:

    Ed Caraeff: Photography
    Richard Moore: Engineer
    Cal Schenkel: Package Design
    Jerry Yester: Producer
    Richie Moore: Engineer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words