Tom Waits - Nighthawks At The Diner

    Opening Intro - 2:59
    Emotional Weather Report (Tom Waits) - 3:43
    Intro - 2:18
    On a Foggy Night (Tom Waits) - 3:49
    Intro - 1:55
    Eggs and Sausage (Tom Waits) - 4:13
    Intro - 3:22
    Better off Without a Wife (Tom Waits) - 3:53
    Nighthawk Postcards (Tom Waits) - 11:27
    Intro - :55
    Warm Beer and Cold Women (Tom Waits) - 5:21
    Intro - :48
    Putnam County (Tom Waits) - 7:34
    Spare Parts I (Tom Waits, Chuck E. Weiss) - 6:23
    Nobody (Tom Waits, Chuck E. Weiss) - 2:49
    Intro - :41
    Ballad of Big Joe and Phantom 309 (Tom Faile) - 6:30
    Spare Parts II (And Closing) (Tom Waits, Chuck E. Weiss) - 5:14


    Tom Waits: Guitar, Piano, Vocals
    Pete Christlieb: Saxophone, Sax (Tenor)
    Shelly Manne: Drums
    Lew Tabackin: Saxophone
    Bill Goodwin: Drums
    Jim Hughart: Bass, Bass (Upright)
    Jack Sheldon: Trumpet
    Mike Melvoin: Piano, Keyboards, Piano (Electric)

    Production Credits:

    Bones Howe: Producer, Engineer
    Kelly Kotera: Assistant Engineer
    Cal Schenkel: Design
    Matt Kramer: Photography
    Norman Seeff: Photography
    Stephen Innocenzi: Mastering
    Rick Smith: Assistant Engineer
    Ron Marks: Assistant Engineer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words