James Taylor - Never Die Young
    1. Never Die Young (James Taylor) - 4:24
    2. T-Bone (Bill Payne, James Taylor) - 3:47
    3. Baby Boom Baby (James Taylor, Zachary Wiesner) - 4:59
    4. Runaway Boy (James Taylor) - 4:18
    5. Valentine's Day (James Taylor) - 2:35
    6. Sun on the Moon (James Taylor) - 4:09
    7. Sweet Potato Pie (James Taylor) - 3:30
    8. Home by Another Way (Timothy Mayer, James Taylor) - 3:50
    9. Letter in the Mail (James Taylor) - 4:41
    10. First of May (James Taylor) - 4:01


    James Taylor: Guitar, Vocals
    Michael Brecker: Sax (Tenor)
    Don Grolnick: Keyboards
    David Lasley: Vocals (bckgr)
    Rosemary Butler: Vocals
    Dan Dugmore: Banjo, Pedal Steel Guitar, Guitar (Steel)
    Lani Groves: Vocals (bckgr)
    Jay Leonhart: Bass, Acoustic Bass
    Bob Mann: Guitar
    Jeff Mironov: Guitar
    Mark O'Connor: Violin
    Bill Payne: Synthesizer
    Lee Sklar: Bass
    Greg "Fingers" Taylor: Harmonica
    Carlos Vega: Percussion, Drums
    Arnold McCuller: Vocals
    Leland Sklar: Bass
    Baby Boom Baby: T-bone

    Production Credits:

    Don Grolnick: Producer
    James Farber: Engineer, Mixing
    Edd Kolakowski: Production Assistant
    Jim Brandenburg: Photography
    Don Rodenbach: Assistant
    Peter Stiglin: Production Coordination

    Marco Giunco
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