The Story - Grace In Gravity
    1. Grace in Gravity (Jonatha Brooke) - 4:40
    2. The Perfect Crime (Jonatha Brooke) - 3:14
    3. Always (Jonatha Brooke) - 6:40
    4. Damn Everything But the Circus (Jonatha Brooke) - 4:31
    5. The Alarm Is on Love (Jonatha Brooke) - 4:21
    6. Easier Than Sorry (Jonatha Brooke) - 3:53
    7. Just One Word (Jonatha Brooke) - 4:06
    8. And Our Faces, My Heart, Brief as Photos (Jonatha Brooke) - 3:56
    9. Dog Dreams (Jonatha Brooke) - 4:04
    10. Over Oceans (Jonatha Brooke) - 5:15
    11. Love Is More Thicker Than Forget (Jonatha Brooke, ee Cummings) - 2:30


    Duke Levine: Guitar, Guitar (Electric), Guitar (Steel), Slide Guitar, Lap Steel Guitar
    Anders Bostrom: Flute, Flute (Alto)
    Jonatha Brooke: Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar, Piano, Arranger, Vocals, Vocal Arrangement
    Lionel Girardeau: Bass (Electric)
    Jennifer Kimball: Vocals
    Adam Kolker: Sax (Soprano)
    Alain Mallet: Arranger, Keyboards, Programming, Sequencing Programmer
    Mikael Ringquist: Conga
    Michael Rivard: Bass, Bass (Electric), Bass (Acoustic)
    Ben Wittman: Percussion, Arranger, Drums, Drum Programming, Mixing, Hand Percussion

    Production Credits:

    Jonatha Brooke: Photography
    Jennifer Kimball: Design
    Alain Mallet: Producer, Engineer, Mixing
    Coleman Rogers: Engineer, Mixing
    Mark Tanzer: Engineer
    Ben Wittman: Programming, Producer, Engineer
    Suha Gur: Mastering
    Bill Verdier: Executive Producer
    Mim Michelove: Photography

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words