John Starling - Long Time Gone
    1. Long Time Gone (Diskey Betts) - 3:32
    2. Turned You to Stone (Jim Rushing) - 2:43
    3. Half a Man (Tom Jans, Bill Payne) - 3:45
    4. Jordan (Traditional) - 2:03
    5. White Line (Willie P.Bennett) - 3:25
    6. Hobo on a Freight Train to Heaven (Weedman) - 3:15
    7. Last Thing I Needed (Acklin/Nunn) - 3:19
    8. Bother Jukebox (Craft) - 2:28
    9. Carolyn at the Broken Wheel Inn (McDill/Rushing) - 3:04
    10. He Rode All the Way to Texas (Starling) - 2:30
    11. Drifting Too Far from the Shore (Traditional) - 2:11


    Mike Auldridge: Dobro, Vocals
    Buddy Emmons: Guitar (Steel)
    Tony Rice: Guitar, Vocals
    Ricky Skaggs: Fiddle, Mandolin, Vocals
    John Starling: Guitar, Guitar (Rhythm), Vocals
    Sam Bush: Mandolin
    Emmylou Harris: Vocals
    Scott Johnson: Piano
    Lowell George: Vocals, Slide Guitar, Slg
    Curtis Burch: Dobro, Guitar
    John Cowan: Bass
    Paul Craft: Guitar, Vocals
    Ben Eldridge: Banjo
    Tom Gray: Bass
    Tom Guidera: Bass
    Karl Himmel: Drums
    Bill Payne: Piano
    Herb Pedersen: Guitar, Vocals
    Danny Pendleton: Guitar (Steel)
    Fayssoux Starling: Vocals
    John Duffey: Mandolin, Vocals
    Tom Guidra: Bass
    Markus Cuff: Drums

    Production Credits:

    Lowell George:Producer, Engineer
    Audie Ashworth: Producer
    Jim Lloyd: Mastering
    George Massenburg: Engineer
    Jimmy Tarbutton: Engineer
    Mark Ritter: Engineer
    Jim McGuire: Photography
    Raymond Simone: Design

    Marco Giunco
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