Southside Johnny An The Asbury Jukes - At Least We Got Shoes
    1. Hard to Find (John Lyon) - 4:16
    2. Tell Me (That Our Love's Still Strong) (John Lyon) - 4:05
    3. Walk Away Renee (Bob Calilli, Michael Lookofsky, Tony Sansone) - 4:22
    4. Take My Love (Joel Gramolini) - 3:11
    5. You Can Count on Me  (Bobby Bandiera, John. Lyon) - 4:42
    6. Till the End of the Night  (John Lyon) - 3:54
    7. I Only Want to Be With You  (Mike Hawker, Ivor Raymond) - 3:49
    8. Lorraine  (John Lyon, Sylvain Sylvain, Rosie Rex) - 4:27
    9. I Can't Wait  (Bobby Bandiera, John Lyon) - 4:04
    10. Under the Sun  (Bobby Bandiera,Patty Scialfa) - 4:49


    John Lyon: Lead Vocals, Harmonica
    Bobby Bandiera: All Guitars, Vocals
    Steve Becker: Drums, Vocals
    Rusty Cloud: Keyboards
    Kevin Kavanaugh: Keyboards
    George L. Ruiz: Bass, Vocals
    Mark Pender: Trumpet
    Bobby Ferrel: Trombone
    Joe Stann: Tenor & Baritone Sax
    Lenny Picket: Tenor Sax (Solo in Renee)
    Hollywood Paul Litteral: Trumpet
    Frank Elmo: Tenor Sax
    Jimmy Maelen: Percussion
    Jim Close: Keyboard programms
    Larry Fast: Keyboard programms
    Kurtis King jr.: Background Vocals:
    Tawatha Agee: Background Vocals:
    Cindy Mizelle: Background Vocals:

    Production Credits:

    John Rollo: Produced, Engineer, Mixing
    John Lyon: Produced
    Nelson Ayres: Assistant Engineer
    Steve Rinkoffm: Mixing
    Bob Ludwig: Mastering
    Shelley Marcus: Photograph, Art Direction

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words