Nick Robertson - Bullet Proof Boy
    1. Mind Render (Nick Robertson)  -  4:32
    2. Show me a Sign (Nick Robertson)  - 4:40
    3. Pride & Joy (Nick Robertson)  - 5:45
    4. Love, Life and Happiness (Nick Robertson)  - 4:33
    5. She's Looking Tired (Nick Robertson)  - 4:18
    6. Slice of Heaven (Nick Robertson)  - 2:48
    7. Kiss of Forgiveness (Nick Robertson)  - 4:38
    8. Reach out & Touch the Moon (Nick Robertson)  - 5:01
    9. Bullet Proof Boy (Nick Robertson)  - 3:28
    10. Punch a Wall (Nick Robertson)  - 4:41
    11. The Flame (Nick Robertson)  - 5:08


    Nick Robertson: Vocals, Acoustic Guitar, Electric Guitar, Harmonica, 12 String Acoustic Guitar
    Richie Close: Hammond Organ, Piano, Keyboards, Harmonium
    Robbie Blunt: Electric Guitar, Acoustic Guitar, Slide Dobro, Read Beast, Dobro
    Simon Edwards: Bass, Double Bass, Guitaron
    Kevin Wilkinson: Drums
    Noel Eccles: Percussion
    Carol Kenyan: Backing Vocals
    Katie Kissoon: Backing Vocals
    Jack Bayle: Trombone
    Stephen McDonnell: Trumpet
    Roonan Dooney: Trumpet
    Paul Duffy: Tenor Sax
    Richie Buckly: Tenor Sax
    Carl Gereghty: Baritone Sax
    Audriey Collins: 1st Violin
    Cladadh McSwiney: 2nd Violin
    Tommy Kane: Viola
    Aisling Druvy Byrne: Cello
    Antony Thistlethwaite: Mandolin, Saxophone
    Patric Collins: Violin
    Maria Mckee: Vocals
    Donald Lunny: Bouzouki, Boduran
    David Spillane: Uillean Pipes,Low Whistle

    Production Credits:

    Pat Moran: Producer, Engineer, Mixing
    Willie Manyon: Assistan Engineer
    Michael Nash: Design
    Nigel Shatran: Cover Photograph
    Paul Wilson: Management

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words