Chris Rea - On The Beach
    1. On the Beach (Chris Rea) - 5:04
    2. Little Blonde Plaits (Chris Rea) - 4:17
    3. Giverny (Chris Rea) - 5:39
    4. Lucky Day (Chris Rea) - 3:57
    5. Just Passing Through (Chris Rea) - 5:20
    6. It's All Gone (Chris Rea) - 7:28
    7. Hello Friend (Chris Rea) - 4:19
    8. Two Roads (Chris Rea) - 3:44
    9. Light of Hope (Chris Rea) - 4:34
    10. Auf Immer und Ewig (Chris Rea) - 4:11


    Chris Rea: Synthesizer, Guitar, Piano, Keyboards, Vocals, Producer, Slide Guitar, Fretless Bass
    Robert Ahwry: Guitar
    Adrian Rea: Drums
    Martin Ditcham: Percussion
    Kevin Leach: Keyboards
    Dave Mattacks: Drums
    Max Middleton: Synthesizer, Piano, Keyboards, Fender Rhodes
    Eoghan O'Neill: Bass
    Robert Ahwai: Guitar

    Production Credits:

    Stuart Ealses: Engineer
    Chris Rea: Producer
    Dave Richards: Producer, Mixer
    Stylo Rouge: Sleeve Design
    Ekkehearet Gurlitt: Photography
    Fracoise La Port: Photograph of Chris Rea
    Jim Beach: Management
    Paul Lilly: Management

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words