The Peddlers - Three In A Cell
    1. Comin' Home Baby. (B.Tucker/B.Dorough.)
    2. On A Clear Day You Can See Forever. (B.Lane/A.J.Lerner)
    3. Basin Street Blues. (S.Williams)
    4. Nobody Likes Me. (Roy Phillips)
    5. I'm A Boy In Love. (Roy Phillips)
    6. People. (J.Styne/B.Merrill)
    7. Still Of The Night. (Cole Porter)
    8. Ebb Tide (R.Maxwell/C.Stigman)
    9. Just A Pretty Song. (Roy Phillips)
    10. Lost Continent. (Roy Phillips)
    11. Prime Of My Life. (D.Jacques)


    Roy Phillips
    Tab Martin
    Trevor Morais

    Production Credits:

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    Marco Giunco
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