Annette Peacock - I Have No Feelings
    1. Nothing Ever Was (Annette Peacock)
    2. Butterflies (Annette Peacock)
    3. I'm Not Perfect (Annette Peacock)
    4. I Have No Feelings (Annette Peacock)
    5. The Cynic (Annette Peacock)
    6. The Carousel (Annette Peacock)
    7. You've Left Me (Annette Peacock)
    8. Sincereless (Annette Peacock)
    9. Freefall (Annette Peacock)
    10. This Almost Spring (Annette Peacock)
    11. The Feeling's Free (Annette Peacock)
    12. A Personal Revolution (Annette Peacock)
    13. Not Enough (Annette Peacock)


    Annette Peacock: Vocals, bass, some toys, all keyboard instruments, programming, arrangements
    Roger Turner: Percussion

    Production Credits:

    Annette Peacock: Producer

    Marco Giunco
    Work Basket Music Words